1. What is a Segway?

The SEGWAY Personal Transporter (PT) is the first self-balancing electric vehicle of its kind. Its intelligent and highly complex technology enables for an unprecedented flexibility, such as allowing riders to turn without losing their balance. The Personal Transporter can speed up, brake and be steered by simply shifting the weight of the rider forward or backward.

2. How does the Segway work?

Segway developed its patented dynamic stabilization technology, consisting of an intelligent network of sensors, mechanical components and a control system allowing the rider to stay balanced on one axis. When getting onto the vehicle, five gyroscopes and two acceleration indicators analyse the changes in ground and the position of your body 100 times a second. A slight tilt forwards moves the SEGWAY forwards. In a similar manner, a slight tilt backwards moves the vehicle backwards. More detailed information about how a Segway works can be found under the heading “Technology”.

3. How fast can a Segway go?

The top speed of a Segway is 20 km/h. You can limit the speed via the Infokey Controller, say, for when practising moving around or when travelling through busy areas such as pedestrian precincts.

4. What range does a Segway have?

The individual range depends on several factors, including the weight of the rider, driving style, outdoor temperature and the age or condition of the batteries. A rider weighing approximately 75kg can easily reach a range of 35-40 km with an outdoor temperature of 20°C and a steady driving mode. Should there be a change in factors, such as in winter with low outdoor temperatures, or a heavier driver, the range can end up being considerably lower.

5. What does a Segway cost?

A brand-new Segway costs approximately 8500 euros.

6. What are the pre-requisites for riding a Segway?

To use a Segway on public roads a (valid) moped, motorcycle or car driving licence is compulsory. Given the design of the Segway, the weight of the rider must be between 45 and 115 kg (7 to 18 st). In addition, all riders need to be able to stand upright and to be able to get onto and off an approx. 20 cm platform without assistance. Furthermore, riders should not have any health impairments.

7. Where can I ride a Segway?

Segways are permitted for use on bicycle lanes as well as streets if there are none of the former. The Mobility Assistance Ordinance (Mobilitätshilfenverordnung or MobHV for short) in Germany governs all details. The ordinance can be found here (in German): http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/bundesrecht/mobhv/gesamt.pdf.

8. How safe is a Segway?

The utmost care and research has gone into ensuring the safety of each Segway. Its truly revolutionary technology provides for a truly exceptional riding experience. Each Segway comes equipped with redundantly designed systems and sophisticated alert mechanisms. The sheer amount of field testing and hours of operation have demonstrated that Segways, when used properly, are safe to ride. Nevertheless, it is also important for riders to be aware of their own responsibility to ride the vehicle safely. Proper use and knowledge of how the Segway is operated prevents injuries that may occur due to improper use or loss of control.

9. What is a Segway ideal for?

Segways arent just great fun, theyre also extremely versatile: theyre the ideal vehicle for short trips of up to 15 km in congested urban areas. A Segway is very flexible, has very short braking distances, accelerates very quickly, takes up almost the same amount of space as a normal pedestrian, is very quiet, produces zero emissions making it extremely environmentally friendly, enables you to transport luggage and does away with everyday traffic issues such as sitting in a traffic jam, looking for a parking spot or waiting for public transport. And, unlike after riding a bicycle, you wont arrive at the office covered in sweat! In fact, youll arrive feeling completely relaxed and fresh, as if youd just left the house, despite having been in the fresh air the entire time. Furthermore, youll have had fun on your way to work! Ask yourself: Is there truly a better way to get to work than on a Segway?

To see just how much you can get out of renting a Segway, check out further uses and additional information under the heading Models.

10. Is charging a Segway expensive?

No, the actual costs for charging a Segway are minor. Charging a Segway will cost around 15 to 25 cents, depending on your electricity provider. A fully-charged Segway i2 can, depending on the weight of the rider, the surface to be ridden on and the number of gradients, reach up to 35-40 km. For just one euro in electricity costs, a Segway can therefore reach - on average - approximately 200 km, equating to 5 cents per 10 km. (In comparison, a passenger car incurs costs of approximately 1.30 in petrol for the same distance). Whats more, the batteries recharge on braking thanks to energy recovery.

11. How long does a Segway last?

Segways were designed for extreme durability. Developing such a long-lasting and durable product meant focusing on two main priorities. First, its mechanical and electrical systems were built in a solid state; even the moving parts were designed for longevity. Two wear-free brushless servo motors with 2 hp each power the Segway. All systems underwent exhaustive tests. Engineers created a modular design allowing damaged or defective parts to be easily replaced.

12. Where does the name Segwaycome from?

Segway takes its name from the term segue(deriving from Italian), meaning the transition from one piece of music or film to another. In this sense, Segway implies the transition from walking to driving or hovering.

13. Who is behind Segway?

Segway Inc., based in Bedford (NH), was founded in 1999 by the inventor and businessman Dean Kamen. Production facilities continue to be concentrated there to this day -> www.segway.com

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