Safety guidelines and disclaimer of warranty declaration SEG2GO

Segway tour / self drive / rental / course / training

Status 07/2016

Requirements and safety guidelines

If you want to take part in a SEGWAY tour, you have to own a valid driver’s licence for cars, motorcycles or at least mopeds. No drives’s licence = no participation.

Prior to starting the drive, please ask on which areas you are allowed to drive with the Segway and on which you are not. Within and outside built-up areas, Segways may drive only on safety lanes, bicycle lanes, cycle path passages and cycle paths. Should none of these be on hand, the road may be used. The use of national highways, state roads or district roads is not permitted; likewise, no driving on designated green areas is allowed.

The driver must have a minimum weight of 45 kg. A maximum weight of 115 kg may definitively not be exceeded.

The age of the participant has to be between 16 and 65 years.

You have to have attended the safety instruction lesson beforehand.

We definitely recommend wearing a helmet. There is no statutory prescription to wear a helmet. Our helmets are free of charge.

If you or the tourguide decide better not to take part on the tour after the training, for example due to safety reasons, the tourprice -20€ will be refunded.

Please let yourself be extensively instructed in the handling of the Segway: functionality and explanation of the InfoKey controller, mounting and dismounting, acceleration and braking, steering left/right. The warning signals of the SEGWAY (the red blinking of lights and a vibration of the platform signalise that the drive is to be ended immediately and the vehicle has to be quit in a safe manner). Ignoring these warning signals can lead to the vehicle shutting off automatically.

Never dismount while driving, both feet have to be on the Segway platform at all times – there has to be weight on the pressure sensors permanently.

The Segway driver is not permitted to take pictures or to film during the drive. Both hands have to be on the handlebar at all times, never drive without using your hands! Hand signals have to be given when turning (the same as on a bicycle).

Drive only at walking pace during the test drive or on the course.

Keep a distance of at least 3 metres to the next driver. A minimum clearance of 1 metre has to be also kept on both sides. Pay heed to bumps on the ground and any damage to the road surface. Do not drive over potholes or through puddles. Pay attention to sidewalk kerbs or similar obstacles. Please do not attempt to drive over these or you could fall. If in doubt, dismount and pull the Segway over the obstacle.

Only one driver per vehicle. It is prohibited to take along any more persons or children.

The instructions of the operator/renter or his employees always have to be obeyed. Ignoring the instructions can lead to ending the drive. In this case, no refund of the entry fee or rental fee will be paid. The same applies should there be cause for suspicion of intoxication due to alcohol or drugs.

The vehicle may not be transferred to third parties.

After ending the drive, the vehicle as well as all accessories and equipment have to be given back to the Segway operator/renter in good condition. All damages or the absence of equipment or absence of the device itself shall be charged in their entirety to the leaser.

Disclaimer of warranty

Using the Segway, accessing the course or tour route and the stay there, as well as participation in all activities, are performed solely and without restrictions at the customer’s own peril and risk.

Driving the Segway, using the course or taking part in a tour is allowed only to persons who have taken notice of and have signed the present safety guidelines and the disclaimer of warranty declaration.

The operator/renter does not assume liability for damages that, in particular, emerged from the operation of Segways, unless damages have been caused by the operator/renter or his employees through gross or wilful negligence. The disclaimer of warranty does not apply to damages arising from violation of life, body or health, nor from the violation of material obligations, if and insofar as the damages have been caused by the operator/renter or his employees.

Each user of the vehicles bears responsibility in terms of civil and criminal law for damages to persons, property or for financial loss caused by him or the vehicle that he has been driving.

The use of the Segways is not allowed to persons who suffer from physical handicaps or who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Pregnant women or persons who have heart problems and/or high blood pressure are expressly advised not to use the SEGWAY.

The instructions of the operator/renter have to be obeyed when using the Segways. The operator/renter does not assume liability for damages that were caused by own or third party fault, by accident or improper handling; or for damages that were caused by disobeying instructions from the operator/renter or his employees.

Vis-à-vis businesses, liability for damages from simple negligent violation of material obligations is also excluded. Liability for third parties is excluded.

In case of accident or damage, the renter is fully responsible for all damages and will be charged to 100%. Concerning damages of third parties an basic insurance is existing. If the renter contracts the optional comprehensive collision coverage the deductible / excess is 250,00 Euro per damage. All damages exceeding 250,00 Euro are covered by the insurance company.

In the case of tours with street Segways i2 in public traffic, the licence regulations, particularly in terms of the approved traffic zones, have to be taken note of prior to the start of the drive.

I confirm with my signature that I have read and understood and that I agree unrestricted with the explanations on the safety guidelines

for the SEG2GO test drive / course / tour / rental and the operator’s/renter’s disclaimer of warranty.

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